A Closer Look at Gracepoint Homes

PASSIONATE ABOUT WHAT WE DO Our culture is tailored around luxury home designs–developed with you in mind. Each builder has a personalized business model. Ours at Gracepoint Homes is distinctive and unique to the industry. Our luxury home designs are focused solely on you and your needs. We are not in this business to simply sell the largest number of homes at the highest possible profit margin. We build homes because we love the industry and the homeowners who choose us. We are truly honored by those who have taken a close look and choose us as their builder.

OVERVIEW OF THE BUILDING PROCESS At Gracepoint Homes, we are committed to building a home for each and every homeowner, rather than focusing on ourselves. Our standards of integrity include treating everyone the way we want to be treated. You can be confident that regardless of price, the Gracepoint Homes brand is synonymous with innovation, craftsmanship, energy efficiency and quality. Our luxury home designs are a reflection of what we encompass. We tell all our team members: "When in doubt, let’s just do the right thing."