Trusted Partnerships

Our culture is tailored around luxury home designs–developed with you in mind.

As in everything we do to bring you the best home buying experience, at Gracepoint Homes we carefully select strategic partners to support us. Not every company has what it takes to meet our standards. You can trust that the companies we bring into the Gracepoint Homes' buying process will be accountable for treating you with dignity, respect and professionalism.

Two Important Roles

Although we can’t list every company involved in the homebuilding process, we do want to introduce two strategic partners you will encounter. Your experience with these companies is critical to the process.

Role of Mortgage Company

A lender approved by Gracepoint Homes will take your loan application and pre-approve you for the loan. While your home is being constructed, they will process all the data. Most of the time, they will ask for many additional details and documents. Be prompt, cooperative and patient with the process. Everyone is working to make it all as easy as possible.

Role of the Title Company

We collaborate with the title company to provide you two essential services. First, the title company researches the history of ownership of the land where your home is built and issues an insurance policy that protects the ownership of your title.

Secondly, the title company serves as an escrow company. They receive paperwork from the builder, lender and sometimes others. Part of their responsibility is to make sure all paperwork has been properly executed. They also are responsible for collecting and dispersing the funds. When everything has been completed and funded, the title is transferred to you. You now own your new home.

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