Old Roots - New Ideas from our experienced team

Tom Cox Jr. has assembled a team who share their Judeo-Christian values. The Gracepoint Homes team strives to blend timeless worth and cutting-edge innovation in every home they build.

The Gracepoint Homes team is committed to improving the architecture building industry from the inside out. This quest is accomplished by:

  • Operating Gracepoint Homes as an example in the industry.
  • Supporting new property codes and laws.
  • Advocating enforcement of minimum builder standards.

Meet Our Leader

Tom Cox, Jr, President

"We build homes we can stand behind with confidence. It’s that simple."

Second-generation homebuilder, Thomas D. Cox Jr, began his housing career as a customer service representative for nationally recognized Emerald Homes in 1993. Tom served as assistant to Emerald CEO; Project Manager in Guadalajara, Mexico; Senior Operations Manager of Emerald’s Phoenix Division, and Division President of Emerald’s Dallas Division.

When Emerald was sold to a national builder in 2001, Tom managed the Dietz- Crane startup, achieving profitability in only three months. He later combined three existing divisions into one. In four years’ time, Tom successfully took a startup from producing 190 units and $30 million in revenues to more than 2,670 units and $490 million in revenues, representing an unprecedented growth of over 400% in four years.

Tom has profitably started up three homebuilding divisions in Dallas, Houston and Mexico, and played a key role in a fourth in Phoenix.

Over the course of his career, Tom has actively participated in major homebuilding industry associations and is an active member at the Woodlands United Methodist Church. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Mississippi State University.

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