Our vision of success here at Gracepoint Homes is nothing unless you are delighted about arriving at the home of your dreams. Every step in the innovative design process…every communication with you as our customer…every action we take to build your dream home is directly focused on your satisfaction.

Beyond satisfaction alone, we aim for your enthusiastic enjoyment years after you have lived in the home. We trust that you will be glad to tell your friends about the exceptional experience of being a Gracepoint homeowner. We are committed to the highest standards of quality construction, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal, separates us from other custom homebuilders in Houston. We want you to "Love Where You Live" for a very long time.

We also want your Gracepoint Home to be a good investment. That is why we spend a great deal of time selecting architectural designs that meet the demands of today’s homeowners. Being a premier custom homebuilder in Houston, constant changes in the marketplace require us to be ever diligent in meeting customer expectations.

We can make bold promises because our Christian values are at the foundation of serving you, our team members, vendors and the community as a whole.

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