How we measure building quality for our luxury home designs.

At Gracepoint Homes, we work with the best subcontractors to ensure your home’s building quality. These subcontractors share our vision of creating remarkable luxury home designs, but only in the correct way. Adding to our promise of construction excellence, we hire an Independent Inspector to verify our standards at five separate stages of construction.


After the lot has been prepared and the foundation has been prepared for the cement, the inspector we have hired comes to the site to verify that the perimeter forms, steel reinforcement, plumbing components located in the slab and any moisture barriers engineered for your home are properly completed. They also look at the site preparation to make sure it will have proper drainage. All these things will be totally hidden once the slab is poured.


We will meet with you prior to sheetrock being installed. It is also an important time for the home to be inspected. The inspector will look at the poured foundation, drainage, electrical, plumbing, mechanical components ducts for air conditioning and heat, exterior products such as brick, masonry siding or stucco, roofing, attic spaces, windows and window flashing.

This is also the stage where the new construction is confirmed to meet standards of the "Environments for Living" (EFL) program. Before the sheetrock hides it, the home’s poly-seal and insulation components are checked.

Gracepoint Homes is committed to providing energy-efficient homes with advanced building techniques. The EFL inspections ensure tight construction, improved thermal systems with ducts that prevent leakage, right-size air conditioning and heating systems, advanced low-E windows, energy efficient lighting and appliances.


The independent inspector hired by Gracepoint Homes is called when the home is finished to ensure everything is completed correctly. Before the home is considered completed, EFL performs a "Blower Door Test" to detect any leaks in the thermal envelope of the home.


As a home buyer, you are welcome to hire a third-party inspector. These inspections must be scheduled in advance through the Community Sales Manager with exact time and date. The inspections take place at these stages: Pre-Pour, Pre-Sheetrock and Final. The final inspection must happen 10 days prior to the Introduction Meeting.

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