At Gracepoint Homes, building your new home is exciting and we want you to enjoy the process. We specialize in luxury home designs, and we want to meet or exceed your expectations by keeping you informed every step of the way. You will be kept informed about what step comes next at each building phase.


From the moment you are greeted by the Community Sales Manager at Gracepoint Homes, you will feel that you have an advocate, liaison and mentor to help you with all the details. The lot and floor plan will be taken off the market when all the paperwork has been executed and earnest money is deposited. You will then meet with the Design Consultant to pick out the personal details of your luxury home design that fits you and your family. According to what you have specified, those selections will be for flooring, cabinetry, countertops, plumbing and electrical fixtures, molding and many more things. Relax — we will do our best to make the experience enjoyable and stress free.


A pre-construction meeting is held before any work starts. This meeting introduces you to the Contraction Manager responsible for building your home and communicating with you. The manager will verify the home elevation and the selections you have made for your luxury home design with the Community Sales Manager and Design Consultant. This person will also verify the plot plan, the floor plan and answer any questions. The builder will also summarize the timeline for the construction schedule and help you know what to expect.

On wooded lots, the footprint of the home is marked off with ‘ribbons’ so you can see the space for your home. The ‘ribbonned’ area also includes an additional five feet on each side of the structure. All the vegetation inside the ribbon is removed.

If you select trees outside the ribbon, you can identify them to be saved. If you have a tree concern, you can discuss it with your Community Sales Manager who will contact construction. In addition to the initial clearing, vegetation such as underbrush and small trees will be removed after brick/stucco has been installed. In some of our communities, the lots are pre-cleared and trees are not of concern.


When the slab is in place and all the ‘sticks’ are up, the home is said to be ‘dried in.’ Before sheetrock is installed, another meeting is held for you to see features and components that will not be visible in the completed home. This is your opportunity to learn about how the plumbing and electrical lines are routed; the home’s ‘hidden’ energy-efficient features; important structural components and more.


When the home is completed, your builder will meet with you to go over the features of the home and teach you how to maintain the home properly. You are encouraged to ask questions so you will be confident when you move into the home. All the warranty programs will be covered at this meeting, too. A second aspect of this meeting is the ‘punch list.’ With the thousands of components in a home, there will be things that are imperfect. This is your opportunity to ask the builder to make corrections and/or repairs to bring those imperfections in line with your expectations before you close and move in.


About seven days after your Introduction Meeting, the Construction Manager will show you how corrections have been made according to your walk list. The builder will ask you to sign a document that confirms that you accept the completed home. This meeting gives you peace of mind when you go to closing within the next day or two.

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